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The balance of the week’s positive. A week ago I didn’t know how my body’d react. Today I can say, pretty well

- Rafael Nadal after losing the VTR Open final

I lack reaction speed, energy when returning, power in my legs so that the ball goes deeper

- Rafael Nadal after losing VTR’s Open final to Horacio Zeballos

I know that the first three tournaments are going to be difficult in terms of results but I am going to try everything. I will need a few weeks to see how things improve.

- Rafael Nadal (x)

Source: loverafaelnadal

I always knew he has quality, he has the ability to beat the best players in the world, he has proven that on several surfaces.

- Novak Djokovic about Stanislas Wawrinka

I know I can recover, I have it in me, I wasn’t too much worried about the physical part

- Novak Djokovic

The body feels great, it’s only five hours.

- Novak Djokovic, being asked how he feels after his 5 hour match against Stanislas Wawrinka

I was just trying to hang in there and trying to fight. This match means a lot to me and to him [Wawrinka] obviously.

- Novak Djokovic

What has been the worst (thing about your injury)?
The uncertainty. If we talk about competition, obviously to miss the Olympics. But speaking in general terms, the worst is the day by day. You never know when you will return, when you will feel that you are improving.

I got in touch with Rafa like a week ago and he was saying he was coming here, and that we’re going to practice and see each other and he said he was feeling better. He was coming here and then suddenly, I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to him since.

I won the Australian Open last year and I had only played this tournament here in Abu Dhabi, a couple of matches. Obviously for his (Nadal’s) situation right now that is quite specific, you can’t compare it to any other player because he’s been off the tour for six months so I’m sure he lacks matches and confidence and sharpness.

I really don’t know what’s happening because no one has seen him six months. I really wish him a fast recovery because he is someone that brings a lot to tennis with his success, his athleticism, his competitiveness and also he’s a recognised athlete worldwide. It’s not good news definitely.

- NOVAK DJOKOVIC (via rafaelnadalfans)

'It was a difficult decision and I am extremely disappointed to be missing such a great event..'

- Rafael Nadal about missing the Australian Open


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