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Rafael Nadal and Nelson Mandela are two globally known characters who have achieved excellence in their respective fields and have shown tremendous discipline, ambition, rigor and energy that they have invested in achieving their goals.

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Nadal deserves to be called the best Spanish athlete in history. When you have him as your partner it’s very good, the problem is when you have him as your rival.

- Fernando Verdasco (via rafaelnadalfans)

It’s a sad day for me today. I’m losing a friend on the Tour.

- Rafael Nadal about David Nalbadian

I had the good luck and the bad luck to coincide with practically the two best players in the history of world tennis… Roger broke all the records, and Rafa is on the brink. To have shared this great era with them, to have beaten them, lost to them and been at this level has given me a lot of pride.

- DAVID NALBANDIAN  (via rafaelnadalfans)

He [Djokovic] served well. I didn’t…he played with an advantage all match because I gave him opportunities on my serve

- Rafael Nadal on his match against Novak Djokovic

I see him [Nadal] more than my mom.

- Djokovic on his exhibitions coming up with Nadal in South America after Davis Cup.

It’s going to be a great final. It’s always a thrilling competition between me and Rafa. Let’s say we know each other quite well. There’ll be no secret between us on the court. The better man will win.

- NOVAK DJOKOVIC (via rafaelnadalfans)

I know Rafa is a big fighter & he will never give a single point for free. So I’m not expecting any gifts.

- TOMAS BERDYCH (via rafaelnadalfans)

'He [Djokovic] was too good today. He played a great tournament and deserved the victory.'

- Rafael Nadal about being beaten by Djokovic

The personal satisfaction is not because I am number one today; it’s because of all the work I put in to be where I am today.

I won’t go to bed tonight feeling that I am the best player in the world—that’s something I’ve never thought about.

- RAFAEL NADAL on No. 1 (via rafaelnadalfans)

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