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Maybe more his fault…I really hope it can happen this year

- Roger Federer on why he hasn’t played Rafael Nadal at the USOpen 

On a potential QF meeting with Roger Federer in the US Open

  • Rafael Nadal: I would prefer to play against another one [laughs]
  • Marcus Buckland: That's an honest answer
  • Rafael Nadal: I don't want to lie but I would love to be in quarter finals and Roger would not be there, but probably Roger would be there.

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Regarding potential QF meeting with Nadal in the US Open

  • Federer: I didn't even know he was in my quarter!
  • Pam Shriver: Really?!
  • Federer: No, I'm joking [laughs]

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In every tournament I am ‘nervious’

- Rafael Nadal after his first round match at the US Open 2013 (via hello-everybodyguys)

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At the end, you are No. 1 or you are not No. 1. [I’m not] gonna go and fight for the No. 1. We’ll see at the end of the season. If I am No. 1, it will be amazing, amazing season for me. If I am not No. 1, it still will be amazing season for me. This tournament gonna make a big difference. We will see what’s happening here, and after here I will say not everything will be decided, but things can be more clear [or] completely less clear.


I honestly don’t want to think about it, because the more you think about it, the nearer the end is, and that’s why I avoid the thought of it.

- Roger Federer about retirement (New York Times Magazine)

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Andy’s mental strength has been fantastic over the last couple of seasons. But there is no one, no one, as relentless as Nadal. He never loses his focus for a single point, not even when he is 40-0 and serving. The bookmakers are quoting Djokovic as the favourite for this one but after the season he has had, I would go for Nadal.

- Andrew Castle (via rafaelnadalfans)

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To beat Novak on any surface is very important. His level is always high and you have to play well … almost perfect to beat him.

- RAFA NADAL (via rafaelnadalfans)

Source: rafaelnadalfans

This one is especially for Lendl as well because he did everything to try to win this one so I hope he enjoyed it.

- Andy Murray wins his first Wimbledon

I cant remember what happened on that last point, I’m sorry I just can’t remember.

- Andy Murray’s court side interview after winning Wimbledon


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