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Andy’s mental strength has been fantastic over the last couple of seasons. But there is no one, no one, as relentless as Nadal. He never loses his focus for a single point, not even when he is 40-0 and serving. The bookmakers are quoting Djokovic as the favourite for this one but after the season he has had, I would go for Nadal.

- Andrew Castle (via rafaelnadalfans)

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To beat Novak on any surface is very important. His level is always high and you have to play well … almost perfect to beat him.

- RAFA NADAL (via rafaelnadalfans)

Source: rafaelnadalfans

This one is especially for Lendl as well because he did everything to try to win this one so I hope he enjoyed it.

- Andy Murray wins his first Wimbledon

I cant remember what happened on that last point, I’m sorry I just can’t remember.

- Andy Murray’s court side interview after winning Wimbledon

I congratulate him [Murray]. From my side I gave it my all.

- Novak Djokovic, defeated in Wimbledon’s 2013 final

I don’t feel like losing to the runner up, so good luck in the final.

- Jerzy Janowicz to Andy Murray at the net (via rafaelnadalfans)

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I think I’ve learned to come back from tough situations more as I’ve got older.

- Andy Murray

I was really close to pulling out because I felt a lot of pain. The doctor game me some magic pills & I’m so pleased to be through

- Juan Martin del Potro

Big performance for me. I was so happy w/ level at this moment. I beat one of the biggest players of the season.

- Juan Martin del Potro after beating David Ferrer

Serena Williams lost today and she doesn’t lose too often, Roger lost, Rafa lost. All these guys and girls are better players than me and if they can lose then so can I.

- ANDY MURRAY  (via kingofclay)

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