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Q:If Nadal were a comics character, who would he be?
Monfils: He would be neither Hulk nor Thor. Rafa is a hero,of course Rafa has much strength and power, but for me he stays someone elegant. Like Captain America. He’s strong but elegant.

- Gael Monfils, in L’Equipe

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Source: keepcalmandvamos


Rafa Nadal moves into the 2nd round of the Australian Open, after his opponent Bernard Tomic retired. Rafa won the first set 6-4

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I felt really sorry for Tomic. I was in that situation a few years ago and I know how tough it is to take that decision [to retire]

- Rafael Nadal after his 1st round match

It’s unfortunate. This opportunity I had playing Rafa was huge for me. Unfortunately I couldn’t compete.

- Bernard Tomic after pulling out against Nadal

Bernard Tomic retires against Nadal. The Spaniard was winning 6-4.


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