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David Ferrer beats Rafa Nadal 6-4, 6-4.

[Nadal plays for the 3rd place againbst loser of Djokovic vs Tsonga, at 3PM (local time)]



Nadal - Djokovic - Ferrer - Murray - Wawrinka - Tsonga.

Mubadala Tennis



Nadal - Djokovic - Ferrer - Murray - Wawrinka - Tsonga.

Mubadala Tennis

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The Big 5 

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Carlos Moyá received the International Juan Antonio Samaranch Award from Rafael Nadal. (EFE)

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He now stands at No. 3 on the all-time list of men’s Grand Slam singles title victories with 13, one crown away from Pete Sampras, four behind the leader Roger Federer. He is climbing inexorably through history, in his own inimitable way, entirely on his own terms.


Man of the Year: Rafael Nadal

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Rafael Nadal and Nelson Mandela are two globally known characters who have achieved excellence in their respective fields and have shown tremendous discipline, ambition, rigor and energy that they have invested in achieving their goals.

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Playing golf in Mallorca, Spain. More photos here!

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Dun, dun, dun

The rules are simple: choose your favs, nominate them. This only applies to ATP.

You can nominate as many times as you won’t. (as long there is not spamming, of course).

Here are the categories:

Best Player: the player that blew you away this year.

Meh Player: the player you thought could have done a lot better this year.

Best Match: the match that got you screaming, crying, clutching your heart.

Worst Match: is this over already? Oh not, yet. Alright.

Best Tournament: If I could go back in time (and should money allow it), this is the tournament I’d have gone to.

Worst Tournament: Urgh. Can we just move to next week, please?

Best Shot: wait a minute….how the hell did he do that?

Best Serve: This player was on fire with his serve all year!

Best Doubles Team

Happiest moment: on court or off court, this is the moment that made me feel warm inside.

Goodbye of The Year: This is the player that should never have announced his retirement because my heart is breaking.

Best Newbie: A top-60 outsider that slayed matches like crazy.

Nominations start at 10pm GMT and will be open until December 15th!

The votations will ensue soon after. 

Nadal deserves to be called the best Spanish athlete in history. When you have him as your partner it’s very good, the problem is when you have him as your rival.

- Fernando Verdasco (via rafaelnadalfans)


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